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Nov. 25th, 2012

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2012 Heroes Advent Calendar is Open!

Mafalda Petlar Advent Cal full color
(Banner courtesy of Mafalda_yu!)

Hello there!

The 2012 Heroes Advent Calendar Sign-Up Thread is open for business. Click here if you are ready!

Oct. 11th, 2012

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Beta Workshop 1.0

Hey peoples!

I'm putting together a beta workshop over on terror_scifi. I've beta'd for some folks who follow my highly Heroes-centric journal, and been lucky enough to have some beta for me, so if you're interested in getting better at beta'ing, please drop in on the post here and sign up to participate! 

We're going to be going through these steps, one each week: 1) negotiating with a beta reader, 2) performing beta reading yourself, 3) receiving beta feedback, and 4) making your writing better as a result. Throughout the process, I'll be posting my fic before and after, as well as that of my beta partner (any volunteers?), as an example for group discussion.

Feb. 25th, 2012

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Beta volunteer

Genres you will beta: Everything not on the list of what I won't beta.

Genres you will not beta: This is a long list, but look at it this way: I know my limits. They include: anything with a sad ending; non-serious Mpreg; non-consensual sex; non-consensual or dubiously consensual sex where the victim says no, but wants it anyway; any sexual assault where the victim's physical pleasure or conflicted emotions make it okay; anything where the POV character is younger than 16; anything that involves sexual conduct with a character younger than 16; anything that involves the permanent death of a major character who was presented sympathetically in the story; bestiality (shape-shifting or lycanthropy is fine); scat play; excessive gore or blood play (some vampirism is okay); tentacles; 'rape is funny'; infantalism; probably other stuff. There are a variety of elements of sexual conduct that I am unusually sensitive to and triggery about for personal reasons. I've even written some of these situations myself, but that does not mean I would be able to read them without reaction. I'll have to judge on a case-by-case basis. But in general if you have to justify the moral basis for your story ("It's okay that X took advantage of Y in this way because ..."), then I probably couldn't beta for that story because I'd want to argue with you about it. Immature or highly unlikely scenarios aren't my cup of tea.

Pairings you will beta: Any, with the exceptions below.

Pairing you will not beta: Sexual pairings involving people under 16. I'm not real wild about parent-child incest either, even when the kids are consenting adults, but I can beta those for spelling and grammar and leave the rest alone. Mr Muggles in a sexual context.

Beta Strengths: Thorough, reasonably quick (I'll turn around 2500 words or less in a week). English as a first language, very familiar with the fandom. I'm a decent writer myself and I've written a lot of stuff, so I'm familiar with common writing issues. The people I've beta'd for say good things about me.

Beta Weaknesses: Cranky. Insensitive at times. Blunt. Poorly socialized. Some people love me; I drive others up the wall. If it is clear that you haven't used a spell-checker on your fic, I will return it to you and request you do that before re-submitting it to me. I can be a bit touchy about authorial prejudices, such as racism/sexism/misogyny/etc. That a character might hold those points of view is fine. For the author to espouse them bothers me. If I am beta'ing for people I don't know, then I will require the fic sent to me be in a Word .doc format (please note this is not .docx) or .txt. I will also require some conversation to determine exactly how much and what style of beta you want.

Length of fic you'd prefer to beta: 2,500 words or less, until I know you better. Stories **must** be finished. I am not interested in beta'ing an unfinished story. However, if it is a self contained chapter in an ongoing, unfinished story, that would be okay.

Oct. 14th, 2011




Genres you will beta: Slash, Het, Gen, Threesomes, Mpreg, Smut, BDSM

Genres you will not beta: Drama, Crossovers, Deathfic, Incest, PWP (I don't know what this means)

Pairings you will beta: Any

Pairing you will not beta: None

Beta Strengths: spelling, punctuation, grammar, giving ideas

Beta Weaknesses: british english

Length of fic you'd prefer to beta: anything but novel-length

Jun. 9th, 2010


In need of two betas for two Heroes stories

I am in need of two betas, for two different stories. Although they are related to each other, back to back sequels.  Read more details at my livejournal.

Jan. 17th, 2010


5 Years Gone

Title: Five Bells of Remembrance

Summary: The alternate universe of Heroes where Peter exploded and Claire was never saved. The missing five years and the story of how Peter got his scar and how everyone became the way they were in the episode Five Years Gone.

Pairings: Peter/Nikki(Jessica) Sanders. Note: I don't like this particular pairing, but there really isn't much I can do about it. I'm going to try to stay as loyal to the show as possible.

Beta requirements: You don't really need to know your spelling and grammar to edit this fic. I need someone to bounce ideas off of and someone who will push me to finish this story. I also need someone who isn't afraid to read dark things, because I'm fairly certain that this story is going to get pretty dark.

Other things: I got this idea based off of Nathan's speech about it being the five year anniversary of the explosion. I liked the speech, so I am going to incorporate it into the story. I will explain more to the person who decides to beta this.

Thank you for considering! I really hope you like it and decide to help me out. I know this story can go places, I just need someone who will help take it there.

Nov. 6th, 2009



Beta needed!

(cross-posted to my LJ)

Title: Argus (working title)
Genre: Gen/AU/Speculation
Pairings or Characters: Sylar, Mohinder, HRG, Angela Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli, Matt Parkman
Type of Beta you'd like: Plot/Grammar/Story Flow/Sylar Voice
Length of story: Multi-part. Between 12k and 14k words in total.

Short Summary of your story: Sylar has acquired Clare's regenerative ability and like any ability he steals he improves upon it. Sylar the cockroach has become Sylar the planarian. He, and the people he contacts, are desperatly trying to contain the situation with mixed results. Partly inspired by "Tomie", by Junji Ito. Set post season three/pre season four.

Notes: This is my first, real, fic in the Heroes universe and it is the longest fic I've written in years. If all you have time for is a quick read-through of the first, revised, draft and some quick comments on if it is too confusing or provide broad impressions that is fine. It's a big fic to commit to doing more than that on.

I am willing to trade beta services! And if you have the endurance to provide beta services until the fic is made public, I'd also be happy to create an illustration for you as thanks. (Samples of illustrations in my LJ and deviant art.)

Please feel free to PM me if you are interested or have questions you'd prefer not to leave in the comments.

Nov. 5th, 2009

Divide and conquer icon


Beta Request

Title: Little Miss Perfect, Part II

Genre: Gen, Drama

Pairings or Characters: Claire, Elle

Type of Beta you'd like:Plot/Spelling/Grammar/Story Flow

Length of story: It has two parts, each under 3,000 words.

Short Summary of your story: It's an "Eris Quod Sum" Missing Moment story where Elle and Claire prepare for their trip to Pinehearst. The first part is done in Elle's voice, and is already posted (though further critique on it is welcome). The second part, which is Claire's voice, isn't up yet and is where I'd like the most focus to be done. Thanks in advance!

Aug. 27th, 2009


Beta Request for bigboom

I need a beta for my fic, but I also need it very quickly, by Monday the 31st. I know this is short notice and I apologize, but my beta got very busy and this kind of got forgotten. If anyone can help I'd sure appreciate it.

Strange Bedfellows


Pairings or Characters: Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Helo, Lee/Zarek, Peter/Gabriel

Type of Beta you'd like:Plot/Spelling/Grammar/Story Flow

Length of story: It's Part one of a fic I'm doing for heroes_bigboom . It's 13 432 right now.

Short Summary of your story:

It's a BSG/Heroes crossover. The attack of the Cylons on the 12 Colonies has decimated the human race. Commander William Adama collects the survivors that he can and retreats with his Battlestar, the Fleet and surviving sons. Nathan, the eldest, a politician who is involved with one of his father’s Lieutenants, soon becomes President of the Colonies, much to his father’s dismay. He also frees his old friend, terrorist Tom Zarek to be his Vice-President. His next son, Lee, the Fleet’s CAG, walks the thin line between duty and love when he becomes involved with Zarek. The youngest son, Peter, who is a doctor, stands in the background until he falls for a mysterious stranger and begins to have prophetic visions of their future. Using Peter’s drawings, the Fleet heads for Earth: the planet that the 13th Colony fled to in the distant past.
Meanwhile the twisted alliances threaten the future of all humans.

Aug. 26th, 2009



Sylar/Luke & Sylar/Peter Beta Needed

Title: Blowback
Genre: Slash, Romance, Drug use
Pairings or Characters: Sylar/Luke
Type of Beta you'd like: Checking grammar and making sure that it makes sense and sounds coherent :)
Length of story: It's a one page ficlet that I wrote for comment_fic
Short Summary of your story: Luke persuades Sylar into doing blowback with him and a moment ensues.
Time limit: As soon as possible please, within the week.
Note: If you're confused about what 'blowback' is don't worry, Luke explains it within the fic.

Title: Pain Play
Genre: Slash, PWP, Dark!Kinks
Pairings or Characters: Sylar/Peter
Type of Beta you'd like: Checking grammar and making sure that it makes sense and sounds coherent :)
Length of story: It's a one page ficlet that I wrote for comment_fic
Short Summary of your story: Sylar tortures and torments Peter while he's strapped down on a autopsy table.
Time limit: As soon as possible please, within the week.
Note: If you only want to one of these ficlets then that's ok. Let me know in the comments. It's just these have been sitting on my laptop for ages and I really want to post them. Overall I would really like to gain a permanent beta out of this as no one on my friends list write/read Heroes fic.

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