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Betaing isn't a superpower, but it should be
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I hope that this community will help new and not so new writers as they write stories within the Heroes fandom.

This comm is for finding a beta, not posting stories that need betaing, so no fic posts please.

Age appropriate RPS/RPF is allowed.

Writers, if you think a beta listed would be a good match for you and your story, please comment on their post.

Betas, if you think you can help a writer, please comment on their post.

Posting Info For Writers



Pairings or Characters:

Type of Beta you'd like:Plot/Spelling/Grammar/Story Flow/Nathan Voice, etc

Length of story:Drabble/Stand alone/Multi-chapter/include number of words if possible

Short Summary of your story:

If you're not sure about something or haven't decided yet because the story is still in progress, say so.

Please be polite when making your request. Betas may say no for no reason just as the writers are free to change their story or not based on the advice given.

Posting Info For Betas

Betas who wish to volunteer their services should make a post in the following format:

Genres you will beta: Slash/Het/Gen/Threesomes/Drama/Crossovers/Deathfic/Incest/Mpreg/PWP/Smut/BDSM/etc

Genres you will not beta: Anything from the above list, etc.

Pairings you will beta:

Pairing you will not beta:

Beta Strengths:

Beta Weaknesses:

Length of fic you'd prefer to beta:

Betas please edit your posts or contact me if you are unavailable for a time or temporarily too busy to take on extra work. Thank you.


Thanks to Spn_betas for the above templates.